upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

Why Sharing IT Resources Is Good For Your Small Business

by Isabelle Jensen

You want to keep your staff focused on the products and services that make your small business successful. But the technology on which you rely takes time away from your staff and a part of your budget that you could use elsewhere. Sharing technical resources with other companies through the colocation model allows you to work with state-of-the-art environments maintained by people outside of your business. Here is how this process works to help your small business stay focused on the areas important to its success.

How the Colocation Model Works

Companies that provide colocation services offer data center management facilities that use the latest in database, server and network technology. Your business shares these resources with other companies without having the responsibility of maintaining any of the technology. You can keep more of your staff focused on what your business does best.

You become the consumer of the technical resources while the colocation provider handles all of the issues regarding the physical environment, power management and security. This frees up staff and budget because:

  • you don't need the physical space and environmental controls to maintain a data center
  • you need fewer staff dedicated to supporting your IT infrastructure including the daily operational tasks
  • you have immediate access to additional resources to support your expansion needs

You Have More Choices Depending on Your Computing Needs

Instead of spending capital to purchase equipment, you can use expense dollars to lease the latest technology from the colocation facility. This gives you access to the latest server and network technology that may otherwise be cost prohibitive for you.

If you rely on customized equipment, such as for data monitoring and collecting, you can have the facility host and maintain the equipment. Again, you won't have to deal with the physical, environmental and security issues required to maintain the computing equipment.

You Have an Easier Path to Growth

Capacity planning becomes an important, yet complicated, task when you're ready to expand the business. Determining how much computing capacity you will need takes skilled resources and you run the risk of purchasing too much or not enough to support your growth. When using a colocation facility, you have access to people who will help you expand your technology as you grow so you always have enough resources to support whatever level of growth your business is experiencing. As growth ebbs and flows, the resources shift with you.   


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upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

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