upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

Saving Money on Your Internet Bill

by Isabelle Jensen

If you require being able to get online within your household, chances are you have signed up with an Internet provider so you can use their service when desired. If you have a broadband Internet service, and you wish to keep your bill at the lowest level possible, there are a few tricks you can use to try shaving money off the amount owed to your Internet provider. Here are some tips you can use to keep your Internet bill from escalating higher than you wish to pay.

Consider Purchasing Your Own Equipment

When you sign up with an Internet provider to get service, they will require that you have a router and modem to effectively get online to do your browsing or movie streaming. What many do not realize is that many Internet providers have a rental fee for equipment they provide when setting you up to get online. Take a look at your bill to determine if your company charges a small sum for this rental. If so, you can purchase a new router and modem on your own and return the Internet provider's equipment in exchange for a discount on your bill.

Check That You Have the Right Speed

It is best to read up on the speed packages your Internet provider has available for their customers to determine whether the plan you are utilizing at the moment fits your needs without breaking the bank. Many find that they are using a speed higher than what is required to do the tasks they use their Internet for daily. It is a good idea to test your Internet's speed and use the information obtained from this test to compare to your Internet bill. If you notice a discrepancy, your provider will look into why your speed is not up to par. If the wires coming into your home do not allow for faster service, you may want to consider downgrading your plan.

Set Up Scheduled Times for Streaming

If you find that members in your household are frequently causing excessive charges to show up on your bill because of the amount of time they spend on the Internet, it may be a good idea to use tools to keep tabs on usage. Phones can be programmed to stop using the home's Internet source at a predetermined data-usage level, if desired. The phone will then either not log onto the Internet at all or will use the cellular provider's data plan instead. Streaming movies or watching videos can quickly add to data tallies. Allow each member to pick a designated time frame to enjoy movies and videos and make sure they stick to it. This will help limit the amount of broadband Internet used, saving you money as a result.


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upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

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