upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

Have Slow Wi-Fi at Home? Know How to Improve Your Internet Speeds

by Isabelle Jensen

Having issues where your Wi-Fi speeds at home are not very fast? If so, there may be something that you can do about it. Follow these tips to improve your Wi-Fi speeds.

Restart the Modem and Router

When in doubt, restart your modem. It may be the simplest solution to your internet speed problem if all you need to do is restart the modem and router.

Change the Router Placement

The location of your internet router can play a big role in your Wi-Fi internet speeds. You want the router to be placed in a central location of your home so that it can reach all areas equally and not have anything obstructing the signal.

For example, your Wi-Fi router may be located in your basement and next to some large metal appliances. This can actually be causing problems with the signal reaching all parts of your home. Try placing the router on the main floor of your home in an open entertainment center so that the signal is not being blocked.

Upgrade to a Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Consider upgrading to a mesh Wi-Fi router if you have a large home where the Wi-Fi signal is having problems reaching all places. These systems work with several small routers that you use to extend the signal farther into your home. As long as they are placed within the recommended distance, it can help supply stronger Wi-Fi signal strength to places that are normally lacking speed.

Switch Wi-Fi Channels

If you live in a densely populated area, there are likely several people with wireless routers all within range of your home. This can cause the Wi-Fi bands to have interference, which can cause problems with getting high transfer speeds to all your devices. Consider going into your router settings and changing the channel that the Wi-Fi signal broadcasts on.

Many people leave their router on the default channel, which is usually Channel 1 or 6. Try changing it to a different channel to see if that improves your Wi-Fi speeds.

Change Your Password

It's possible that you actually have someone stealing your internet because they know your Wi-Fi password, and the slow speeds are due to them using up your bandwidth. Try changing your password so that you know that nobody else is using your network. You can then run a speed test to verify that the speeds that you are getting are the ones that are advertised for your Internet plan.

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upgrading internet and equipment for multitasking

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